Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Association

litany on my lips

rainbow cocktail of amphetamines singing through my veins

insipid hour

this is just so typical.

Fair warning.

You stepped too close to the edge.

How can you expect me not to give you that last little push over?

Lost my anger.

Dull unimpressive.

Too much light, there must be darkness.

She smiles, at first the gentle upward curve of her lips is pure sweetness. A subtle display of bone white teeth, her delicate brows arching. She looks at me beneath hooded eyes and I realize, this is not her nice smile.  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little on the side....

So here's the dealio peoples...sorry for the word "dealio", I used to work with this guy who had goats and yeah, actually let's not get into that right now. 

So you're here and you're probably wondering why. 

I need you're help. See, I want to start creatively writing instead of just taking creative licence with my life stories and I kinda don't know how to start. So, each couple of weeks or so I'll invite you all to submit any ideas about what I could write about, doesn't have to be detailed, it can be a setting, character trait, writing style, even just a bunch of random words you felt the need to get out there. 

Just throw me something. And I'll try to write a paragraph or two and if it's not too cringe-worthy I'll even post it for you to judge as honestly and anonymously as you choose. 

And if you're really lucky....I'll even throw in a few dirty limericks when the mood strikes....